Monday, May 15, 2017

Review : Little Eskimo Ice Masks

Happy Monday guys! I hope you all had an amazing weekend and that you are ready for the week ahead. If not, I have the perfect product up for review today. Please take note that this was sent to me by Little Eskimo to feature on the blog should I want to and I really am glad and thankful that they contacted me. This is the type of product I would glance over and not even think about twice, it is something that does not resonate with me, but after testing it a while I look forward to the time of day that I get to use these mask. Lets get into my thoughts of this product. Once again, thank you Little Eskimo for sending this over.

Packaging : You notice right off the back that this brand is proud of their products as the packaging makes sense and support the products so well. As you can see in the picture above the box opens like a little booklet which not only shows off the eye / face mask, but it also lists the multitude of uses on the side (which we will get into a bit later). When you close the flap / lid it is magnetized and shut 100%. On the righthand side you will find a plastic film that cover the openening where you can see the mask peeks through (probably for sanitary reasons). Then when  you open the box right at the back the mask are neatly tugged into a plastic tray with the straps neatly folded and a cool space for the silk pouch. Now lets talk about the silk pouch, each mask fits snugly into it's own silk pouch which protects it from dust and other impurities and is easy to wash and clean. I take my hat off to companies that think about how a product is going to be used and what is needed to store it properly but easy to grab and use over and over. Great, great packaging!

Functionality :

The eye mask is said to assist with the following
  1. Puffy eyes
  2. Reduce Redness
  3. Alleviate Headaches (I can truly attest to this)
  4. Wrinkles (maybe over an extended period of time)
  5. Late Nights
Then the face mask is said to assist with 
  1. Smoother skin
  2. Pore Primer
  3. Reduce swelling and inflammation
  4. Wrinkles
  5. Control Blemishes 
  6. Late nights.
I struggle with headaches a lot, those that you go to sleep with and wakeup with the next morning. These masks truly alleviate the pressure and the pain. Do not get me wrong, they do not make it go away (only strong meds does that) but they do assist in just giving me a break when I do not know if I should stand up, lie down or sit up straight. When the pressure gets so much that you consider yanking the headache out through an ear or an eye, its one of the most amazing feelings putting on these masks, going into a dark room and just laying down for a couple of minutes. I am so thankful to the Little Eskimo team for sending me these masks as they are such a blessing.

When using a particular face products that put my skin into overdrive and it gets all red and flared up (like exfoliators or scrubs) these masks are quick to calm everyone down and make sure we all play together nicely. It cools the skin and I really want to believe that it tightens the pores (but I have not particularly noticed that, I suppose with longterm use one can comment on that aspect)

Fortunately I do not suffer from dark under eyes or general puffy eyes, only when the headache and me took a round or six in the boxing ring, but when that happens the eye mask is soothing and cooling on the eyes and surrounding area.

I can also see how these masks, especially the full faced one, can alleviated sun burned skin when you have spent too much time in the sun at the beach or the pool.

Each mask comes with velcro straps at the back to make sure that the mask is adjustable to suite your preference on how tight it should be. The instructions is to place the mask in the fridge to cool and then to apply it for 10 to 15 mins. Guys, its 10 minutes filled with bliss. The masks are easy to use, easy to clean and easy to store or reach for. After each use you can just take a towel and clean the mask where is was in contact with your face.

Should the mask get damaged of pierced, they box explicitly warns to discard the mask, but it is going to take one sharp object to damage these masks. While testing them, I found them durable and easy to shape to the contours of my face - the full faced one more than the eye mask.

I was very surprised at how affordable these mask were. You can purchase a combo pack with the eye and face mask for R269 or you can purchase them individually @ R95 and R185 respectively. This is such great value for money as I think that, although I do not use these mask every night, they do have a function and a space in every skin care routine. 

Please show Little Eskimo some love on their social media, FacebookInstagram or their Website and go check out these masks. They have the most darling illustrations on their social media.

Would you try a mask like this or would you also, just like me, glance over them. Next time you think of buying an interesting beauty gadget, consider the "Ice masks" you will use them year round, I promise.

Love ya

Friday, May 12, 2017

Collab : Top 5 Goodies & Baddies Highend Products

It is Friday and the start to the weekend (well, after work) and today I have a very special post for you in collaboration with Jessica from Just a City Girl. We are sharing our top 5 favorite high end products, and the top 5 products that left us disappointed. Since its Friday and its suppose to be a happy day we are first looking at the not so favorite products and then I will walk you through all my best of the best (with a bonus product) so that we end on a HIGH note. Get it :-)

Elizabeth Arden Skin Illuminating Smoothing Cleanser

I am very much a cream cleanser kind of girl. Not only is this a soapy cleanser but it also contains physical exfoliants. Even though it's micro exfoliates, I am still not a fan and I might not cast this cleanser to the curb cause its kind of expensive and not terrible at all, just not my cup of tea. It still gets the job done and the packaging is stunning, its just not what I need at this moment in time.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Intensive Lip Repair Balm

The eight hour cream range is so ICONIC and loved by so many women all around the world. I am slowly making my way through the range, as it has grown extensively over the years. One of these products that I have already tried and tested is on my naughty list. In the picture you can see how I had to dig out the balm to get enough product to put on my lips to make a difference. Furthermore I feel that this balm does not heal chapped lips, it settles into the dry patches and do not soothe them enough. In fact  all I want to do is pick at my lips when I wear this balm to get rid of all the flaky bits. It's not entirely a bad product, when your lips is well looked after I think this will be a great balm to use while you get ready (before you pop on your lipstick). This however is rather expensive for what it is as I have balms from the drugstore I enjoy more and have paid far less for.

Clinique Pop Liquid Matte Lip Color in Flame Pop

I have done a full review on this lipstick here, and even then I was not a fan. Come to think of it, I have not worn this lipstick since that review (but I do feature it in an up coming post soon). The wand is weird and the formula adds to the wonky wand story. What I mean by this is that the formula is nice and lightweight, but it is difficult to get a precise application and if you do happen to make a mistake, it smudges everywhere. One thing I can attest to is how pigmented this lipstick is. This is a lipstick I would switch out without even blinking!

MAC Beauty Balm in Light

If you have been following my blog for a while, you would have seen me trying out different MAC foundations in the past and not really liking any of them. I am however such a fan of a good BB Cream, but this is just terrible for me. I feel it is too thick of a formula and it accentuate all my pores and imperfections. I have started to mix it with another BB Cream for more coverage but to be thinned out just to finish this product. (back to MAC) The combo is working okay but not to the degree where I will recommend or repurchase this.

The Balm - Cindy Lou-Manizer

The Lou-Manizer sisters are famous all over the world for their shimmery goodness. Unlike the Mary Lou-Manizer, I do not get this product. To me its good as a blush topper but holding the blush candle all by herself, I doubt that. Its way too shimmery to be a full on blush, and way too pink to be a highlighter. I think the concept is good (proven by the multitude of face palettes that has recently been launched). I just feel that not all three powders need to be shimmery. This is not a blusher or highlighter I reach for on a regular basis, or even ever. (Yet I still want to buy the Betty Lou-Manizer to do a full dedicated post to, not making sense at all, I know) 

These were the items I am not too fond of, but the next few products is the kind of stuff I can use everyday and never get tired of them. It's my "take to a deserted island" goodies.

Miss Dior Blooming Bouquet

This is a very fruity / floral scent, a very simple yet sophisticated scent. The top note is peach, which is followed by the middle notes of more peach, apricot, Damascus rose and pink peonies, then the base note is white musk. Simple yet so striking and fresh. I feel like a real lady when I wear this perfume and I will most definitely recommend and repurchase this, its so luxurious and a pamper at the same time.

Smashbox Be Legendary Liquid Lipstick in Coral

I think this is a very good time to chat about this lipstick as this formula is being discontinued and replaced, but some stores still has got some stock. Not only is the applicator a unique and efficient shape, but the formula is outstanding and the color is very flattering on my skin tone. I have already bought a back up and as soon as the bank manager looks away for more than two seconds, I have another one on hold, ready to be snatched up. I find this to be so comfortable on the lips and I get so many compliments when I wear this. Its my current favorite lipstick.

Elizabeth Arden Superstart Skin Renewal Booster

Some people are addicted to nicotine, other to Coca Cola and some even to cocoa, like me. Well this is another addiction and I am not sorry for at all. I cannot live in a world where I do not use a superstart serum in my daily routine. It's a thin serum that just bring life and joy to your skin. It makes everything that is sad and imperfect better, it truly is a magician of its own kind and if you could only choose one item to remember from this post, let it be this one. You might need to work 24 hours a day to finally afford it, but it will be worth it. I promise, cannot say enough good things about this product. That is how much I love it.

Beautiful Beautiful Color Eyeshadow in Shimmering Copper

Oh my word! When ever I pack my makeup to travel somewhere, this comes with me. It is great to elevate an eye look but also amazing to wear on its own with with loads of liner and mascara. The powder is soft and pigmented and the bronze color is so perfect to balance my eye color. Not brown enough but not too shimmery, just right! This is my goldilocks single shadow and believe it or not, I got a back up (who in their right mind would do that? Only a makeup addict like me would feel my vibes) You need this in your life, no other shadow will compare I promise you!

Smashbox Cover Shot Palette in Ablaze

Perfect timing for this palette as it is autumn / winter appropriate. Like I mentioned in my review these shadows have the ability to blend themselves and they are super pigmented. This burnt orange is so beautiful and the colors next to it really compliments the shade. You can create such a multitude of looks with this palette and because the quality is so high, you can be rest assured it will be vibrant and hold up the whole day. This is again a bit up there in price, but if you are a makeup junkie like me, or appreciate good quality makeup, you will love this.

Honorable mention - MAC Mineralized blush in Warm Soul

This blush has been featured in so many blogposts on my blog that it can host its own talkshow, and what a tale it will tell. I love this blusher as it is something between a bronzer and a blush to my pale ass skin. It just brings life and happiness to my face and it is so lightweight and blends like a dream. I am not going to ramble on an on about it as it has received so much love already, I could just not do a top 5 post and not include this.

It was so hard to pick my top 5 favorite high end products as I love most of the goodies. I feel that research is key when you purchase high end makeup or skincare. Make sure that the color and formula will suite your skin tone or -type before you purchase and fork out loads of hard earned money. Most counters will provide you with a sample to try out.

Let me know in the comments below what your least favorite and most favorite high end product are.

Love ya

Monday, May 8, 2017

Unboxing : Boxycharm April 2017

Hi guys, thank you for visiting my blog again. I am doing this post in collaboration with Simone from An Ordinary Gal Blog, so please go show her some love and visit her post as well to see what she got in her box.

I have been looking for a great South African subscription box, but every time I get my hopes up I end up being left disappointed. So one Sunday afternoon while doing the washing and contemplating to subscribe to another subscription service I wished we had a service like Boxycharm in South Africa. See what makes Boxycharm so different is that you get full size products every time. So this is like killing two birds with one stone, I get to try over seas products and I get a present every month. Now you might not get most of these products in South Africa, so if that makes you feel annoyed feel free to click away, but if you want to checkout what I got keep on reading. 

Blend Squad Blending Sponges by PUR

In most blogposts and videos everybody compares these sponges to the famous Beauty Blender. I suppose those were the first beauty sponge and only lately has any companies joined the ball game. So here I go as well as that is the only sponge I can compare it to. The PUR sponges are firmer than the Beauty Blender, much firmer! They also grow about twice in size when run under a tap, but the biggest difference between the PUR and Beauty Blender sponges is that the PUR ones are designed to use dry as well, oh and the shape. The Beauty Blender is just a tear drop shape whereas the PUR sponges has got three sides, the bottom (butt) part, the side to cover larger areas and then the slanted side for powder applications.

On a lighter note Milo, my puppy, still prefers the original Beauty Blender. If I am not careful and I take my eye off my Beauty Blender for even just a second, I know I can go and look for it in her mouth. I held both sponges in my hands in front of her and she smelled both, then licked it and then she tried to grab my Beauty Blender.


Hairgurt Smoothing Yogurt Shampoo

I am not one that believe in smoothing shampoos. If you have frizzy hair the only way to get rid of it is to heat style it or to braid it. That was until I used this shampoo. Somehow the shampoo makes my hair not all frizzy at the ends like it always does, unfortunately this comes at a price. I am not sure if it is the banana or what, but something does not smell so nice. In the tube it smells lovely, like strawberries with a hint of banana (very pleasant if I may add), and then it must be shower water that activate the reekiness in this shampoo. But when you rinse it off and you towel it dry it goes away. This is something Im glad I got to try but will not be going out of my way to repurchase.


Plato's Cave lipgloss by Allegory Story

Number one - Im not a gloss kinda girl and number two - I do not do browns. With my pasty skin it looks like I have rubbed mud on my lips. The Boxy card however says that this is a creamy, pigmented lipgloss with bold color and a touch of vanilla scent. I have not opened it or swatched it as I am planning to gift this to a friend that I am sure would love this.


Rodea Drive Highlighter by Ofra

This is a gorgeous golden highlighter with a natural but buildable to a blinding shine. A stunning shimmery (not mistaken for glittery) highlight that you can add to the high points of your face. The powder is super soft (hence the reason that mine got a bit mangled in transit) and it is super pigmented. I really look forward to using this highlighter.


Concealer Palette by Measurable Difference

This is a 16 pan concealer palette that will allow you to conceal anything! I am either planning to use it as a contour / highlight / concealer or gift it to a makeup artist friend as there is a real contour and highlight palette in next month's box. The videos that I watched where the people swatched these concealers they were kinda hit or miss. I am not big on using concealers and I have one or two that I am quite happy with so I think Ill definitely be gifting this one.


Now lets have a quick chat about the process. I registered on Boxycharm's website and used my Aramex account to ship it to South Africa. If you want to register as well feel free to use my link

What did you think of this box and do you think it is worth it?

Love ya

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Other : EA Gift with Purchase (2017)

Hi guys. So last week was the Edgars Red Carpet sale and I was not going to get anything until I realized that my Elizabeth Arden Superstarter was almost finished and it was downhill from there, but that is another post for another day. In this post I am going to show you the current gift with purchase that you get when you buy two or more Elizabeth Arden products, one being a treatment or a foundation.

This year Elizabeth Arden sourced their bag from a local non-profit organization that is making a huge diffirence by creating jobs for disadvantage people in South African communities. Please visit the Sparrow Society's website here. I think its a brilliant move! Oh and I have not mentioned yet that all the goodies is full size.

Always Red Eau de Toilette

This perfume was launched in 2015. I own or at least owned most of Elizabeth Arden's perfumes at some stage, but this one was not for me. Its a very strong perfume with mostly fruity top notes and then intense base notes, red amber, mahogany and praline. I am doing a giveaway in the next few weeks and will be adding this to that giveaway. Keep an eye on the blog for that.

Grand Entrance Mascara

I am so glad I got this mascara in this gift cause I have been threatening to get it for ages as I had the sample size (I think I also got it in a gift with purchase). This mascara is great for so many reasons. The wand is curved and this is what aids in holding a curl. The bristles is also designed to add length and volume to onee's lashes. Its intensely black and it lasts all day long without flaking or transferring but at the end of the day its easy to remove. Oh man, this is so luxurious and I highly recommend it!!!! 

The Original Eight Hour Cream

If you received this gift with purchase, I am sure you got to try this cream somewhere along your Elizabeth Arden journey. Its such a great all rounder. I have one in my collection that I use on my heels, my elbows, I use it on my lips (in fact I have a deluxe sample size in my hand bag that I use as lip balm). There is literally so many uses for this cream, it might not smell the best at first but that smell very quickly dissipates and can relieve dryness, itchiness and can add some shine where necessary.

This was a quick post just let you guys know what is available at this moment. If this is something you would be interested in to add to your purchase you need to jump and get it quick. Let me know if you have tried any of these products before and what you thought of them.

Love ya

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Collab : Top 5 Goodies and Baddies from the Drugstore

Today I am bringing you another collaboration with Jessica from Just a City Girl, after visiting my blogpost please go show her some love by letting her know you are coming from my blog and let her know which product you either hate or love. We are showing you the good, the bad and the ugly (in our opinions) from the drugstore that we would save our money on or recommend you pick up back-ups of. Here we go, lets first start with the "baddies" list.

L'Oreal Cameleon Eye shadows

These colors are gorgeous and that is what drew me to purchase these shadows, but they are not pigmented at all. Even when you foil them, they are hard to work with and you need to put a lot of effort into getting them to work almost decently. They also do not last all that well on the eyes and crease very easily. I have more shadows in my collection that is just more user friendly and for that reason I do not ever reach for these anymore.

L.A. Girl Blush and Bronzer Cream stick

These were extremely hyped up on YouTube and when they came out I was very underwhelmed. I feel that when you start blending these out, they just blend into nothing. I rarely, if ever reach for these as there as so many other great blushers and bronzers at the drugstore (Clicks / Dis-Chem)

Essence Multi-Action Mascara

This is such a pity! I love the wand on this mascara, it separates my lashes beautifully and it adds gorgeous length to my lashes. The big problem is the flaking. Unfortunately it is so bad that it over shadows all the good about this mascara. I also find that if transfer to my under eye area and for those two reasons it is part of the "baddies" team.

Catrice Eye'Matic Eyepowder

When this launched last year, I was pretty excited to try it out but I was once again let down by this product. It's a beautiful frosty / shimmery light pink eyeshadow, but it lacks pigmentation and longevity. On my eyes it creased up almost instantly and the packaging can be a bit messy too if you are not careful. The outside labeling also rubbed off easier than most other cosmetics I own. Im not a fan, sorry.

L'Oreal Pure Clay Mask

Recently I have done a full review of all three the Pure Masks (check out the post here). I am not in love with these masks and out of all three of them this is the one I like least. Its a little bit gritty and all three of the masks make my skin feel dry and tight. Not a huge fan at all.

L.A. Girl Pro BB Cream

I have spoken about this BB Cream over and over on my blog and I will continue to blog about this as it is the best! It literally just evens out my skin, I do not need to set it to worry about it during the day. Just add some blush and mascara with some gloss and you are good to go. Not only is it super affordable but it is just a great product. 

Essence Princess Lash Mascara

Nichole from Young, Wild and Polished use to always talk about this mascara so when I saw it in store I had to pick it up. As a first impression I was not happy at all and I forgot about it in my drawer. When I tried it again I fell in love so hard. I think the formula just had to dry out a bit. This mascara create a beautiful, yet not too much volume to my lashes. It also does not transfer or flake. I found myself using it over and over and even picking it over some higher end mascaras.

Essence Glossy Stick

This is also a product that has received loads of love on my blog. I have at least three that is doing the rounds at any given time. I find them easy to apply, sometimes I do not even use a mirror. They are also very comfortable and the colors in the range are gorgeous. Love these.

Gosh Lipstick in Nougat

I do not know if this color is still available but it has been an all time favorite since the beginning of my blog. The color is the perfect nude for my skin tone and its so comfy on the lips, it does not dry them out and has got a beautiful shine and it smells good as well. It might not last very long, but is so easy to just re-apply.

Essence 2 in 1 Eyeshadow and Liner

These cream shadows has also been very popular on my blog, especially the bronze one. Its the perfect base for and everyday easy look or even the most complicated smokey night time look. When set with a powder they last all day and feel soft on the lids, I find them easy to use and apply as they take a while to dry. This allows you to smoke them out a bit and use beautiful powders overtop to set them without making it look cakey.

These were all the products that I would say you can save your money on or go out and get ASAP. Please leave me a comment below with you top low and high product.

Love ya